Chapter 4 – HOA & Property Management Corruption

Veracity Inc, Plano TX – HOA & Property Management Corruption ExposedLori Welsh - Property Management Fraudster - Veracity Inc

This chapter will continue to highlight the deceitful agents at Veracity Inc HOA Property Management of Plano TX and the unscrupulous Veracity Inc property manager/fraudster assigned to Oak Creek Condominiums who currently goes by the name…
  1. Lori Welsh
  2. but is also known as Lori Tano
  3. Lori Cole
  4. Lori Miller
  5. and Lori Renee Bosnich
  6. a fraudster by any other name IS STILL A FRAUDSTER!😀 
Catch up with how this all started, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, The Ultimate HOA Guide.


Vic Bosnich - Lori Welsh - Nicole Foley - Julie Pfullmann - Veracity Inc, Plano TX - HOA & Property Management Corruption


Who is most affected by Veracity Inc’s property management misdeeds? The homeowners! You know…the folks whose homeowner dues pay for the services AND material for vendors and contractors writing favorable reviews for the property manager. HOMEOWNER VOICES MATTER! 😀 Including the ones who have had their negative reviews of Veracity flagged & hidden! 
Oh and what about any glowing online reviews provided by Veracity’s vendors and contractors? You know…the folks who get paid through Veracity from HOMEOWNER DUES. Those reviews can’t be trusted any more than you can trust the corrupt Veracity Inc property management staff. I would question ANY review by a board member as well…as they too can be as unprincipled as people like Veracity Inc agents. Might I remind you of the acts of Oak Creek President Kennon Lee Armstrong aka Kennon Lee Howard.
Because corrupt property management can be an open door for corrupt board members to commit their OWN scams against an HOA. Again, might I remind you of the landscaping scam by TM&F Lawn Services owned by Oak Creek HOA Treasurer Tony Alagenchev.
ALSO MORE TO COME on the actions of other questionable characters, such as the law firm of Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC and its attorney Shawna Dalrymple, attorney Clinton F. Brown and beyond SHADY attorney Clayton Hearn, aka Clayton Rowland Hearn, who have enabled Veracity Inc’s property management fraud & corruption to continue.


Veracity Inc Gate Keeper – Julie PfullmannJulie Pfullmann - Veracity Inc Property Managment Corruption


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