Chapter 4 – HOA & Property Management Corruption

Veracity Inc, Plano TX – HOA & Property Management Corruption Exposed


Lori Welsh - Property Management Fraudster - Veracity Inc

This chapter will continue to highlight the deceitful agents at Veracity Inc HOA Property Management of Plano TX, its property management corruption, its shady business associates, and the unscrupulous Veracity Inc property manager/fraudster assigned to Oak Creek Condominiums who currently goes by the name…
  1. Lori Welsh… but is also known as
  2. Lori Tano
  3. Lori Cole
  4. Lori Miller
  5. Lori Renee Bosnich
  6. And Fraudster. A fraudster by any other name IS STILL A FRAUDSTER!😀 

Catch up with how this all started, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, The Ultimate HOA Guide.

Lori Welsh - Verscity Inc aka Veracity Inc Property Management Fraud


Deleted profile pic + missing professional title + misspelled business name + seemingly random business address still = the same property management FRAUDSTER at Veracity Inc of Plano TX.

Veracity Inc Gate Keeper
Julie PfullmannJulie Pfullmann - Veracity Inc Property Managment Corruption

Vic Bosnich - Lori Welsh - Nicole Foley - Julie Pfullmann - Veracity Inc, Plano TX - HOA & Property Management Corruption

Who is most affected by Veracity Inc’s misdeeds? The homeowners! You know…the folks whose dues pay for the services AND material for vendors and contractors who write favorable reviews for this SHADY property management company. HOMEOWNER VOICES MATTER TOO!😀 Including the ones who have had their NEGATIVE reviews flagged by Veracity Inc & hidden or removed! 
OH AND what about those glowing online reviews written by Veracity Inc’s vendors and contractors? Those reviews can’t be trusted any more than you can trust the corrupt Veracity Inc property management staff. I would question ANY review written by a board member as well…as they too can be as unprincipled as folks like Veracity Inc agents. Might I remind you of the acts of Oak Creek Condos HOA President Kennon Lee Armstrong aka Kennon Lee Howard.
OH AND here’s a Yelp review provided by the same Kennon Armstrong…

Kennon Armstrong - Vic Bosnich - Lori Welsh - Nicole Foley - HOA Corruption & Fraud

This review is a prime example of “DID NOT AGE WELL”. But I have to admit there is one thing I do agree on with Kennon Armstrong…based on my interactions, Veracity Inc agents have remained “professional”.
Professional Property Management Scammers that is. 🤣 For YEARS this review has remained “recommended” but is now suspicously “NOT RECOMMENDED”. After giving such high praise, I wonder if the CORRUPT president of the Oak Creek Condos HOA of Arlington TX, Kennon Armstrong,
  1. exaggerated the value that Veracity brought to the community…AND/OR
  2. knows the Oak Creek HOA reserves MAY HAVE been depleted to NEGATIVE $$$…AND/OR
  3. recognizes the liability after YEARS of fiduciary negligence and allowing Oak Creek homeowners to be at the mercy of Veracity Inc Property Management Fraudsters. “AS EXEMPLIFIED” by this board member’s review, VERACITY INC HAS BEEN PROVIDED COVER BY THIS HOA BOARD, as well as corrupt & bullish HOA attorneys.

Because corrupt property management can be an open door for corrupt board members to commit their OWN scams against an HOA. Again, might I remind you of the landscaping scam by TM&F Lawn Services owned by Oak Creek HOA Treasurer Tony Alagenchev.

Here’s an example of SHODDY WORK by Veracity Inc’s hired contractor, Alberto Javier Hernandez. OH AND GUESS WHO is this contractor’s brother-in-law ??? None other than Oak Creek HOA Treasurer TONY ALAGENCHEV.
Painted Vent Flaps by Veracity Inc Contractor - Alberto Javier Hernandez
PAINTED DRYER VENT HOOD. Gross negligence by this Veracity Inc contractor created the potential for a devastating event.
Closed vent flaps “mean that airflow is restricted and heat can build up inside creating a fire hazard.” Texans, we know how unforgiving the heat is during even a NORMAL summer. Because of the reckless work of Veracity Inc’s contractor, this entire condo community was a “tinder box”, LITERALLY.
WHO gets paid to oversee HOA projects by this contractor??? The HOA property manager…Veracity Inc.
WHO caught this “accident waiting to happen”??? Concerned & Aware Homeowners!
Homeowners here claim the City of Arlington Code Compliance and Fire Inspectors have been contacted on multiple occasions and accuse this contractor of:
  1. prolonged projects
  2. failing to pull proper permits
  3. repeat repair visits due to his faulty workmanship
  4. violating “stop work orders” by city Code Compliance
  6. below standard work that left homeowners at risk to injury and death


Oak Creek Condos - Arlington TX - Unpermitted Contractor Work
Oak Creek Condos – Arlington TX – Unpermitted Contractor Work
Oak Creek Condos - Arlington TX - Contractor Violation of Stop Work Order
Oak Creek Condos – Arlington TX – Contractor Violation of Stop Work Order
Homeowner Awarded Judgment In Lawsuit Against Veracity Inc Contractor – Alberto Javier Hernandez
Homeowner Awarded Judgment In Lawsuit Against Veracity Inc Contractor Alberto Javier Hernandez
Homeowner Awarded Judgment In Lawsuit Against Veracity Inc Contractor – Alberto Javier Hernandez

ALSO MORE TO COME on the actions of other questionable characters, such as the law firm of Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC and its attorney Shawna Dalrymple, attorney Clinton F. Brown and beyond SHADY attorney Clayton Hearn aka Clayton Rowland Hearn, who have enabled Veracity Inc’s property management fraud & corruption to continue.
The following is a snippet of a “courtesy threat” from an RMWBH attorney. As attested in the review above by Oak Creek board member, Kennon Armstrong, LEGAL INTIMIDATION from the HOA’s attorney is a tactic hastily used by this unethical property management company. And these PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIARS will even FALSELY ACCUSE homeowners of “harassment” to justify LEGAL FORCE which, ultimately, provides cover for their FRAUD & ABUSE.
Attorney Clayton Hearn - RMWBH PC - Veracity Inc Fraud
Ms Starling, It was brought to my attention that you have been disparaging and defaming Veracity and its owner and staff members online. While you certainly have a right to free speech and to express your opinion, that right does not extend to flagrantly defamatory statements and accusations.”
Lawsuit Threat from Veracity Inc HOA Property Management - Attorney Clayton Hearn - RMWBH Law Firm

The amount of HOA Abuse, Property Management Corruption, Contractor Scams/Incompetence & Shady Individuals associated with Veracity Inc is STAGGERING.
And for the homeowners who rightfully question Veracity’s mismanagement and authority, this HORRID property management company is known to TARGET and RETALIATE against them! It’s motivating to see the homeowners who have been COURAGEOUS enough to STAND UP and not back down to HOA ABUSE & BULLIES. The more we bring to light their shenanigans and “above the law” approach, the more homeowners are PROTECTED from such LAWLESSNESS.
  1. How have you and your HOA community been impacted by Veracity Inc HOA Property Management of Plano TX?
  2. What complaints do/did homeowners have about Veracity?
  3. How & why did your HOA get rid of Veracity?
  4. In what financial & physical condition did Veracity leave your HOA community?
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Vic Bosnich - Veracity Inc, Property Management - Beware of Fraudsters

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