Get Equity Out Of Your Home


Do you need extra funds for Life’s wants & needs to…

โญ• Pay off debts
โญ• Invest in a business
โญ• Pay for school costs
โญ• Buy another property
โญ• Pay HOA fees & special assessments
โญ• Cover emergency or unexpected expenses
โญ• Avoid foreclosure and continue to live in your home
โญ• Complete home repairs, renovations, or construction
โญ• Supplement your retirement without getting a reverse mortgage


FIRST, you may be asking what exactly is “equity“??? It’s basically the difference between the value of your property and what is owed against the property.

Are you looking to pull your home equity without the requirements and hoops of traditional lenders??? We can help solve financial challenges that banks cannot by offering a way to get paid for your equity WITHOUT qualifying for a loan. Love Investors assists you to get on the right track because we understand the value of untapped equity when needed most!ย 

How Can I Pull Equity Out Of My Home?

If you and your property meet the criteria, our investment partners will buy a minority stake in your property…. by paying you cash today in exchange for a share in the home’s future value. Even if your home goes down in value, THEY SHOULDER THAT LOSS AS WELL… as there is no guaranteed return on the money they invest in your home.

Take advantage of 2 options to Get Your Equity:
  1. Equity Share Agreement (RETAIN 100% OWNERSHIP)
    • Get an equity advance in the form of a lump sum payment…minus transaction fee, appraisal, and closing costs
    • HAVE NO ADDITIONAL DEBT or PAYMENTS DUE for the term of the agreement up to 30 years.
    • REPAY the equity advance, plus a portion of the home’s change in value, when you sell, refinance or use other funds
  2. Sell your home to access even more equity
    • Continue to live in the home with a lease-to-own agreement, also known as a lease-back
    • Complete a financial literacy program that will help get you back on the path to homeownership
    • Get financing from a lender of your choice
    • Exercise your option to buy the property back

Who is this Home Equity Program best for?

This equity program can be the perfect option for homeowners who:

  1. Are equity rich but cash poor.
  2. Are self-employed, have credit challenges, or otherwise fail to meet criteria of traditional lenders.
  3. ARE NOT looking for short-term financing.

Rent To Own A Home TexasThe Difference

We are a Community Conscious Business. Our success is measured by helpingย ย Texas cities thrive and making a positive impact in the lives of local residents. Our mission is putting forth sincere efforts to achieve these holistic goals…that includes partnering with other companies and investors to provide innovative solutions for property owners to access their equity when they wouldn’t otherwise have the option.

The first step is to let us know you are interested to access your home equity. A seasoned advisor is available to guide your next best steps. You can rest assured that everything is handled professionally. Don’t hesitate to contact us to explore your options.

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