Chapter 2 – Texas HOA Corruption Exposed

Texas HOA Corruption & Scams Exposed

Oak Creek Condos HOA – Arlington TX

Tihomir Georgiev Alagenchev aka Tony Alagenchev – Treasurer

Kennon Lee Howard aka Kennon Lee Armstrong – President 
Lois Ann Stewart aka Lois Ann Burgess  – Vice President/Secretary
Gary Lee Foster aka Gary Lee Majors – Secretary
Bao Tran aka Dr. Bao Ngoc Tran – Board Member At Large

Catch up with how this all started, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, The Ultimate HOA Guide. 

Texas Homeowners, please be aware of the small signs that clue you to Texas HOA corruption, scams and fraud committed by corrupt HOA board members and HOA property management companies.
TMF Lawns Arlington TX - Tony Alagenchev

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Tony Alagenchev aka Tihomir Alagenchev as the Treasurer of Oak Creek Condos Owners Association of Arlington TX AND owner of TM&F Lawns, 2131 N Collins, Ste 433332 Arlington TX 76011, 903-812-2010, was granted the Oak Creek HOA landscaping contract, despite a CLEAR conflict of interest. 

In the case of Oak Creek Condos Owners Association, Inc vs Christy D. Starling, Tony Alagenchev testified as a plaintiff witness to defend a fraudulent fine against the defendant for a violation that was initially reported by Tony Alagenchev. Mr Alagenchev’s occupation as a Dallas TX firefighter was stated by the Plaintiff in court documents, presumably to show good character. Keep reading to  make your own opinion about Tony Alagenchev’s TRUE character and TM&F Lawns’ landscaping SCAM against the Oak Creek Condos community.


This Beautiful Brick Enclosure

HOA Corruption TX
In the Oak Creek Condos complex, this beautiful brick enclosure was built to house the new 3rd dumpster to supposedly alleviate overfills in the other 2.

I believe this new 3rd dumpster was needed for residents but the Oak Creek Condos HOA homeowner dues used to pay for the brick enclosure also benefits Tony Alagenchev.  As stated, Tony’s landscaping company TM&F Lawns in Arlington TX was awarded the landscape contract for the HOA but this company also conducts business with other local customers.

“So how does this dumpster benefit Tony Alagenchev???” On at least 3 separate occasions, an employee of TM&F Lawns, was witnessed bringing tree, brush and bagged landscaping debris from OUTSIDE Oak Creek Condos, Arlington TX and disposing of them in this dumpster. Basically, Oak Creek HOA property and funds are used for the profit and benefit of Tony’s landscaping business. BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT…

TM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam - Tony Alagenchev

TM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam - Tony AlagenchevTM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam - Tony Alagenchev

TM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam - Tony Alagenchev
Tihomir Alagenchev aka Tony Alagenchev

TM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam - Tony AlagenchevThe use of this dumpster by TM&F Lawns for the profit of Tony Alagenchev is also hurtful to Oak Creek Condos residents because of this REAL scenario…this dumpster was full, partially due to use by TM&F Lawns and a resident placed their trash outside of the dumpster because of it. Did the board and Veracity Inc assess a fine??? I don’t know but intend to find out. Stay tuned….I doubt any homeowner or resident wants to be that charitable so that money comes out of their pockets and into the pockets of the  board treasurer, Tony Alagenchev, or Veracity Inc.

And yes, property management profits from these fines as well. All costs related to collection attempts of a fine (real or bogus) are charged back to your HOA community as a collective or to individual homeowners. 

Every owner & resident should be aware of how they are affected by Texas HOA corruption and the self-serving acts of corrupt HOA board members and greedy property management.


In Case You Missed It

WHY are Oak Creek Condos, Arlington TX HOA member dues and fees paying for the installation AND maintenance of this security camera directed at the parking spots where the Oak Creek HOA board treasurer, Tony Alagenchev, usually parked his personal and work vehicles??? That’s one long sentence I know. 😁 BUT WHY???

Tony Alagenchev - HOA Corruption TX

Tony Alagenchev - HOA Corruption TX


The Cut & Dump

When I witnessed an employee of TM&F lawn services, owned by Tony Alagenchev, cutting trees across the HOA property fence AND on the side of the adjacent owner’s vacant land , it struck me as VERY peculiar. Some months later, when my fur-babies and I eventually took a stroll there we came across more than we expected. These are trees and brush cut/left/dumped by TM&F Lawns on someone else’s property…

TM&F Lawns - Arlington TX - Landscaping ScamTM&F Lawns - Arlington TX - Landscaping Scam

Regarding tree branches that encroach on your Texas property, “Any tree trimming expenses are borne by the party doing the trimming”.


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck 🤣

As I was speaking to another neighbor, we both suspected that TM&F Lawns was unnecessarily cutting trees in the complex…more cutting than was needed for healthy pruning it seemed. Why? To keep its employees busy? To bilk the homeowners association out of more money for services rendered? For profit or personal use of TM&F’s owner, Tony Alagenchev, or his employees???

TM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam
This wood was cut from the Oak Creek Condos Association, Arlington TX property grounds by a DIFFERENT TM&F Lawns employee, loaded into the employee’s personal truck and carried off. And it’s not the only time this was witnessed.

What happens when HOA Corruption takes control of a Texas community?

HOA Corruption TXWhat happens is an opportunity….an opportunity for CORRUPT Texas HOA board members and PREDATORY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT to join forces and pull dirty tricks out their arses to scam unsuspecting homeowners. Here’s another example…FOR HUMOR SAKE, I imagine the conversation goes like this:

Board Member 1: “Hey Tony, how else do you think we can squeeze more money out of these suckers???”

Tony Alagenchev: “Here’s a good one! Let’s install pet clean up stations around the property perimeter…you know, the designated pet walk area that NO ONE uses but the dog owners…and my company, TM&F Lawns, will bill the HOA for the maintenance and baggie replacements!”

Victor Bosnich: “Love it! And Veracity Inc will give them extra INCENTIVE to use those baggies and doggie dumps by tacking unlawful fines to their accounts. If these mere fools dare to defy OUR authority and demands, we’ll threaten them with illegal liens and foreclosure! EASY MARKS,  EASY MONEY & EASY PROPERTY!!!” 😈 😈 😈 


Real Example >>> Unlawful Fine Threat From Oak Creek Condos HOA Board, Arlington TX & Veracity Inc Property Management

TM&F Lawns - Arlington TX - Billing Scam

TM&F Lawns - Arlington TX - Billing Scam

TM&F Lawns - Arlington TX - Billing Scam


Tony Alagenchev - HOA Corruption TX

Firefighters Code of Ethics:

A few of the standards that firefighters are held to are:

  • Always conduct myself, on and off duty, in a manner that reflects positively on myself, my department and the fire service in general.
  • Accept responsibility for my actions and for the consequences of my actions.
  • Avoid financial investments, outside employment, outside business interests or activities that conflict with or are enhanced by my official position or have the potential to create the perception of impropriety.

TM&F Lawns - Landscaping Scam - Tony Alagenchev

Even more dirty deeds from this Dallas Texas firefighter and others are exposed in later chapters. As the treasurer of the Oak Creek Condos HOA of Arlington TX, Tony Alagenchev cannot abuse his HOA board power without others being complicit.

Folks, Tihomir “Tony” Alagenchev is JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! This HOA corruption runs DEEP!


Veracity Inc HOA Property Management
5204 Village Creek Dr,  Plano TX 75093

Victor Bosnich aka Vic Bosnich owner/operator of Veracity Inc,  (Plaintiff Witness in Oak Ceek Owners Association, Inc vs Christy D. Starling)
Lori Welsh aka Lori Renee Bosnich-Welsh – Veracity Inc property manager, Oak Creek HOA Condominium, Arlington TX  (Plaintiff Witness in Oak Creek Owners Association, Inc vs Christy D. Starling)
 Nicole Foley Nicole Foley – Portfolio Manager – POA and HOA – Veracity Inc property manager
Julie Pfullmann – Veracity Inc receptionist

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24 responses to “Chapter 2 – Texas HOA Corruption Exposed

  1. Hi Ms. Starling, I was wondering when Chapter 3 will come out? I actually know someone currently involved in a lawsuit with some of these property management fraudsters

  2. Hi Christy,

    Thank you for sharing your research. I have to deal with Veracity’s shenanigans myself as one of the owners of Cambridge Condominiums units affected by fire. Seems more research I do on the Veracity, the more unethical and unprofessional conduct by them is coming up.

    To keep things short, they month after month delaying the completion of repairs. There has been a delay, after delay, after delay. They changed the move-in day more than 5 times (more then 6 month), and I actually lost count of their ‘move-in date’ promises. Currently, they don’t even offer any information on when the owners will be allowed back to their units.

    1. HI Anton,
      Are you aware of any lawsuits against the HOA or Veracity in regards to this condo. complex? I am an owner who suffered significant damages due to the winter storm.

  3. Can anyone suggest some good law firms that represent home owners in HOAs. I have a pretty complicated legal issue and I need to call for some advice.

  4. This is helpful information as we are dealing with multiple challenges with Veracity at our condo association. Billing practices are unethical. Charging for maintenance visits that did not occur and over-billing for project oversight. It has become a huge burden to stay on top of their irregular billing practices. In addition, service levels have declined. I believe they are severely understaffed. Potential property associations, look elsewhere for your management services.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Thomas. Veracity Inc has a pattern of committing this type fraud against HOA’s as a whole and against individual homeowners. The more people speak up, the more this deceitful company is exposed.

  5. Christy, if I said ” you would not believe what the heck is going on at my condo” you would say, try me. It is a joke, going back for over a year. Board elections are supposed to be the second Tuesday in March. The Board used Covid as an excuse to cancel elections and then the deranged action started. I am a part of a group of about 10, I am the only guy in the fun group, the rest are ladies, 50 and up. I am 60. They have sued 3 ladies in the past year for minor things but they have no knowledge or resources to fight, but I do. So these ladies, my friends were once fierce fights but now they are broken which breaks my heart. I am a divorced guy so I am renting here and have been told by management that I have no standing. I have caused a heap load of trouble for both the management and the board, enough so that both the management company and the manager herself are no longer here. Yea me. The new Property Manager is hand picked by the previous one so nothing has changed. It has been discovered that over $100.000 has gone missing in the last 10 months. Wow, that’s interesting.

    So, all sorts of crazy started in Jan this year, but my daughter was getting married at the end of February. It told her I was going to war with these people and she asked me to lie low until after the wedding. Well, the wedding is over, the guy is great so I am happy. Now is go time. Its going to be so much fun to watch these people scurry like cockroaches when the light comes on.

    I,like you do not like to fight and I avoid conflict at all cost, but when I see my friends so defeated I have no choice but to ACT.

    I would tell your readers to know Texas Property Code 209 and 82. The Texas Legislature provide both road blocks and remedies for we the people so please study the Codes if you intend to fight. And one other thing, evil hates THE LIGHT and will flee from the light. Call or email your local TV station or Newspaper. All you need is a response from them which you can then forward to the board or Property management company and they will back down because they don’t want the evil deeds exposed. Or find out where the board members work and let their employers know how they are acting. They will always back down because they fear The Light

    1. “I would tell your readers to know Texas Property Code 209 and 82. The Texas Legislature provide both road blocks and remedies for we the people so please study the Codes if you intend to fight.”

      Thanks for the tips, David! I know this will benefit others.

  6. I was looing up average HOA Fees because the same think is happening at our condos Chasewood Oaks Condo. Our HOA President which I just learned purchased her unit by warranty Deed Vendors Lien and did not hold ownership until she Paid the Note in Full on April 8, 2021. However, she has made devastating decisions while she did not qualify to be a member of the association not less president. I notice how much higher you Association fees were than other communities so I looed up you community and see fraud. We had the same property management company for 38 years that did a find job. Why would a 0% undivided owner decide to make so many changes without consulting the owners. There is a fair housing authority in Arlington Texas. Is there any particular person or division who helped you. I assume your community is no longer hostage, how did you get this board out of power? First the property manager and Board for a partnership, fracture communication with owners, threaten owners with cease-and-desist letters so we do not communicate with one another and the Board keeps the power We need to change this idea of power of the board. The owners have power if we can have a meeting of the minds and take steps to correct our unfortunate situation. Character assassination by the Board and property manager: will anyone believe me, will they understand the numbers I have crunched? I have studied the code, FirstService Residential does not care about Texas Property Code, Chasewood Oaks bylaws, Federal Trade Commission or HUD. What happens to the Board Members that steal, do they move away, stay there in ridicule? The Corrupt: Jane Yount Unqualified HOA President of Chasewood Oaks Condos, Tamara Moore property manager with FirsstService Residential, Carter Russell Maverick Lawn Care, Insurance Agency Davis-Dyer-Max, AmCap Insurance currently being liquidated by the State of Florida

  7. Hi,
    I need resources to remove HOA Board in Dallas, TX that is mismanaging funds however I don’t know where to start.
    Help needed urgently. Thank you.

  8. I work for an HOA management company, and I am mortified with the things that are going on. I am not sure what to do. I know there is some embezzlement occurring, The homeowners have no idea, and I am not sure on what to do.

  9. Own my condo since 1998 in Arlington TX, paid my HOA on time and no fines ,I had paid all of the special assessments since 2005 for repairs . I have emailed to RealMange the management company and The HOA with photos documenting the damage to my property due to a faulty retaining wall that is cracked in two sides, bc of my persistence they sent a foundation company but nothing has improved bc of the retaining wall. Bricks are coming out of the side of my property, multiple cracks inside and water damage due to this. All of this has been documented and reported, last year I paid over $ 400 in a special assessment to address this issue. I have asked repeatedly by email for any information regarding and got no response. Sent a certified mail and no answer either. The president owns 11 units out of 60 and even I have talk to him nothing has been done. The only called I received from RealManage was about 2 years ago from the RealManage manager asking frantically if I was going to sue. I’m afraid that soon my condo will crumble ! Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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