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Think You Want To Sell Your Texas and Atlanta GA House With Owner Financing?

Are you wondering what Owner Financing is? It’s also known as Seller Financing. Love Investors can explain the BENEFITS and guide you through the steps to sell your house with Owner Financing…

Here’s how we work…we’re not real estate brokers, so we don’t take a commission to sell your property…we’re investors with experience in the Texas and Atlanta GA real estate market.

We often buy properties fast for cash, but we have other creative solutions too…
  • Would you like to avoid a tax hit?
  • Did you inherit property and want to make a smart decision?
  • Would you rather be paid with installments than a lump-sum?

If so, Owner Financing could be an option to help…

  • Are your monthly payments more than you can afford?
  • Do you owe more on your house than it’s worth aka an “underwater” mortgage?
  • Did you try to sell your house in Texas and Atlanta GA with a Realtor or FSBO with no success?

Having your mortgage payments taken over could be a better solution…

We are not attorneys or accountants. Please seek outside legal and tax advice for your situation.

If you want to explore the option to sell your house with Owner Financing in Texas and Atlanta GA, call Love Investors. We have a great reputation in DFW, East TX, and surrounding areas because of our honest & open communication and fairness to everyone. We work hard improving communities and helping neighbors out, one home at a time.

When you’re ready to sell your house by Owner Financing, we’ll make sure you get all the right documents, fill out the right forms, and that everything is handled with the utmost care and courtesy. We’ll get it all explained to you and make sure you understand the details.

There are a lot of guidelines and laws involved with every real estate transaction and our goal is to provide the best service, EVERY TIME.

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We’ll send you information about our company and connect with you to chat about your goals, show you what we do, and see if there’s a fit.

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