$$$1000 For Your Referrals

Do you know of a family member, friend or neighbor that needs to sell their property fast or without going the traditional route of using a Realtor? Let us know! When we close, YOU get paid.

Or during your daily routine, do you come across houses that: 

  • need repair
  • are fire damaged
  • have overgrown grass
  • seem vacant or abandoned
  • have uncollected newspaper or mail

If so, report these houses to earn extra CASH.

We can also buy quickly in the following situations:

  • divorce
  • tax liens
  • bad tenants
  • financial hardship
  • inherited property
  • pending foreclosure

Submit the property info below and we’ll use our resources to locate and contact the owner. Each house that you submit that we are able to close on, will earn you an easy $1000. We appreciate your referrals!

 $$$  Earn While You Learn  $$$

Looking for an opportunity to earn even more extra cash while learning the basics of getting started in the real estate business??? If so, Love Investors is looking for Property Scouts to train and become a part of our team. If interested, contact us, and we’ll be in touch within 48 business hours.

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